As soon as possible, after announcing the engagement, call the Rectory (373-5201 {Pastor} or 373-5202 {Associate}) and arrange an appointment with one of the priests.

Do this BEFORE YOU SET A WEDDING DATE! This must be done at least six months before the wedding. At this first interview, the priest will advise you that certain documents must be obtained for both bride and groom.

    1. A BAPTISMAL CERTIFICATE: (for Catholics, issued within the last year)

    2. A CONFIRMATION CERTIFICATE: (for Catholics only).


    4. A WITNESS TESTIMONY: (Form B) usually given to one of the parents testifying to the freedom of the parties to be married. This document is to be filled out and signed by a Catholic Priest.

    5. EVENINGS FOR THE ENGAGED: See the Preparation Program and follow the link to register and attend the class. Certificates will be issued at the end of the classes

    6. FOCCUS: The pastor or associate will guide you with this in your initial meeting.

    7. DISPENSATION FORM: to be filled out for marriages between a Catholic and someone who is not a Catholic.

It is also at this first interview with the priest that a definite date will be arranged and the program for Marriage Preparation and Foccus will be discussed. Come prepared to ask the priest any questions you might have about the preparation.

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