Once you’ve decided to get married, you need to call your local parish office and tell them you wish to begin the marriage preparation process. They will explain the procedures and help you to make the necessary arrangements.  Each Parish may have their own way of getting organized. Here below are few of the logistics that are proper to St. Philip Neri - St. Albert the Great Parish



Flowers are a very important factor in planning a beautiful wedding ceremony. But they are also expensive. Therefore, in an effort to economize without diminishing beauty, be sure to contact the WEDDING COORDINATOR to see if you can cooperate with the Parish Florist. The WEDDING COORDINATOR is also able to assist you in selecting other wedding items that  can enhance the beauty of your wedding. Displays may be taken for the receptions. If you intend to leave the flowers in the Church, please let us know.


Courtesy demands that boxes, bows, ribbons, etc., be removed from the Church before the wedding party leaves for the reception. The Church is thus clean and ready for the next Celebration.


Nothing is to be taped to the pews - neither flowers, nor ribbons, bows, etc. Pipe Cleaners not wire should be used in making bows. This will protect the pews from any scratches.


So-called Candlelight Weddings are not allowed in Church because of danger to the carpet and flooring.


No Runners are permitted in either Church.




If you wish to have young children participate in your wedding ceremony as a flower girl or a ring bearer, the child(ren) must be at least five years of age and be well behaved. They will sit with relatives during the actual wedding ceremony . Only 2 or 3 flower girls and/or ring bearers will be allowed in the wedding procession.





Photographers may take whatever pictures they wish as the wedding procession is taking place and as the Bride and Groom leave the sanctuary after the wedding ceremony. However, Non-Flash pictures may be taken during the wedding without excessive distracting movement.


Video Cameras are to be placed in a stationary position as directed by the wedding coordinators and/or the presider at the wedding and are not to be moved during the ceremony at all. No special lights are to be used.


The wedding party may return to the Church after the ceremony for some posed pictures - (15 minutes only). Please inform photographers of this information.





The wedding rehearsal will usually be conducted by the Wedding Coordinator. It is usually held on a Friday evening before a Saturday Wedding, although it can be any night of the week. PLEASE BE ON TIME for your rehearsal as another program might be booked after you. Rehearsals are usually held at 6:30pm and 7:45pm.


PLEASE BRING THE MARRIAGE LICENSE issued by the County to the wedding rehearsal, together with the special envelope provided. Be sure to discuss with the Wedding Coordinator any special plans you might have for your wedding. f you make no requests he/she will presume you want to follow the usual procedures.




The groom's party should be in Church no later than forty-five minutes before the time of the wedding in order to usher guests to the seats. The bridal party may use the Flower Room at St. Philip Neri Church if they wish or the Rectory Conference room at St. Albert the Great Church.


Please ask the Maid of Honor and Best Man to see the presider in order to sign the Marriage License right after the wedding ceremony. They are the official witnesses to the wedding.

Rice, confetti, birdseed, etc. are not to be thrown in front of the church or on the premises. It is very dangerous for our older parishioners.

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