Even though these months before the wedding are very busy for you and your families, it is important to reflect on what kind of wedding ceremony YOU want. It should be YOUR wedding (not some other one that you attended) and YOU have to plan it that way. You should meet with the Wedding Coordinator to plan your wedding ceremony - at least 4 weeks before the wedding. They will have insights to offer on the readings, vows, the nuptial blessing, the prayers, etc. DO NOT hand over the wedding to others to plan. It is YOUR wedding day. YOU are the ones who can personalize it so that the whole ceremony speaks of who you are and what your relationship means to each other.


Before you meet with your wedding coordinator, you have to have done your own work in the Marriage Ceremony book, which your priest will give you.


The Wedding Coordinators will help you ·plan your wedding within the guidelines established in the Parish. The priest performing your ceremony must personally approve any exceptions to those guidelines in writing. Please check with the Coordinator about questions you may have regarding the ceremony.


Please remember to contact the Coordinator 6 weeks before the wedding to arrange a meeting to finalize the wedding ceremony.





Because your wedding ceremony is going to be one of the most important religious events of your lives, it is important, also, that the music you choose is appropriate for a religious celebration in the Church. All couples marrying at St. Philip Neri – St. Albert the Great Parish should confer with a priest, deacon or wedding coordinator for help to develop a music program for your wedding. A list of musicians follows and the fees for their services will be decided by them. They are to be paid directly. If a vocal soloist is wanted, arrangements with the organist/pianist must be coordinated.


If you are having a Nuptial Mass, please be sure to use one or two of our parish musicians. Other musicians can be used for weddings without a Mass.



( fee to be discussed with musician -each musician may have his/her own fee).

Lydia Cho:

Piano, Organ & Vocalist

(510) 373 5219 - Work

(510) 512-2422 - Cell



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