Mission Statement and Philosophy


Mission Statement 

The Children’s Faith Formation Ministry of Saint Albert the Great and Saint Philip Neri parishes help children develop their faith in God and their understanding of the Catholic Church.  We strive to build community by sharing our faith, strengthening family bonds, and promoting social justice.  We actively live in peace as we:  celebrate our faith through worship and sacramental preparation; provide education for children and families; and share our gifts through giving public witness to the gospel of Jesus Christ. 



We, the Saint Albert the Great and Saint Philip Neri Catholic Community, believe that children’s catechetical ministry is a share in Jesus’ own mission of proclaiming the Reign of God.  Catechesis is that activity which enables faith to become living, conscious, and active through the light of instruction—especially sharing God’s Word in Scripture and sharing the tradition of the Catholic Church.  Catechesis is a life-long process for each individual as well as the work of the entire Catholic Christian community.


The catechetical process seeks to open children to the discovery of the goodness and beauty of God reflected in their world, and help them grow to experience this world within the Catholic Christian community.  It seeks to help them grow further in their faith, their understanding of our Catholic tradition, our unity in Christ, and the many gifts of the Holy Spirit.


Grounded in Eucharist, we will support our children in the process of life-long faith formation.  We strive to nurture, teach, and encourage ways to recognize and incorporate the presence of God into our daily life experiences.  We do this by Proclaiming the Word, Worshiping together, and reaching out in Service to one another.  We study the teachings and celebrate the richness of our identity as a Catholic Christian community in response to our call to discipleship.
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