Role of the Child and Catechist

Role of the Child

 Children have a responsibility to cooperate in order to benefit fully from the faith formation classes.  They are expected to:


  • Be respectful of the catechist and other adult/teen helpers in CFF.
  • Be respectful to one another in words and actions.
  • Listen carefully and participate fully in the class activities.
  • Attend classes regularly.
  • Follow the emergency and safety procedures of CFF.
  • Share what they have learned.
  • Most importantly, live what they have learned.


 Role of the Catechist


Our catechists are all volunteers from many walks of life.  They are people who have answered a call to minister to our children and who have prepared themselves in a variety of ways to serve as catechists.  They are people for whom faith is important enough to share.


Catechists do more than merely teach about the faith.  They help children build and strengthen their relationship with Jesus and the Church.  Catechists do this by proclaiming the Word, building a sense of community, leading to prayer and worship, and encouraging loving service to others through the example of their own lives.

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