Children's Liturgy of Word

St. Albert the Great Church

Children's Liturgy of the Word - Celebrated at St. Philip Neri at 9:00 a.m. Mass


Purpose:      To provide an opportunity for children in grades K-4 to hear the Word of God at their level during the Liturgy of the Word. It provides an opportunity for the parents to hear the Word without disruption.

Set up:         Arrive 10 min. before Mass starts and get Lectionary (“red book”) from Rectory basement closet.  Locate the reading for that Sunday.

                     Set out crayons/pencils and the weekly handout and set out chairs around tables

Church:        Greet the Presider and let him know you are doing CLW (visiting priests need to be told to dismiss the children after the prior to the First Reading.)  Ask one of the ushers to if they will come over and knock on a Rectory basement window at the start of the Nicene Creed; this gives you a few minutes to close down and return the children to church.

                     It is recommended that you sit on the Blessed Mother side of the Church (parking lot side) so you can go to the front prior to the end of the opening prayer.  Stand with the Lectionary or have a child hold it up.  Father will then invite the children to come forward for CLW and will ask the congregation to say a prayer. Depart with children through side door to the Rectory basement.

Handouts:    We use the “Explaining God’s Word” series by Ligouri Publications.  They are published to match the liturgical calendar and explain the gospel with a story for the children. To help you prepare, take home the handout for the next week you are scheduled. This will help you come up with questions, ideas or activities.

Liturgy:        Bring the children into the basement.  Introduce yourself.  Remind the children that CLW is part of mass.  Begin with the sign of the cross. From the children’s Lectionary, read the GOSPEL or have an older child read it.

                     You can read the story from the handout or ask the children questions about what they heard.  The handouts sometimes have activities or coloring.  Another activity is hangman on the whiteboard with words from the Gospel or the handout.  There is also scratch paper in the closet if you want to ask the children to draw something or write something in addition to the handout.

                     Finish up by putting away the crayons and pushing in the chairs. Put the Lectionary in the closet.

Have the children line up to go back to church.  Make sure the rectory basement door is locked.  Take them to the main entrance.  Have the children enter when the ushers are in the aisles for collection.  It may be necessary to wait a few minutes.  Make sure each child finds their parent.

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