Welcome to the Confirmation program of St. Philip Neri - St. Albert the Great Parish!

The links at the right hand side should help you to download the forms needed to Register for the Confirmation Program in the Parish.

Please print Confirmation Packet, fill them and submit them to the Youth Minister Cathy Morales together with the enrollment fee made payable to "St. Philip Neri - St. Albert the Great Parish".

To be part of the Confirmation program, it is highly reccomended that you be registered member of the Parish. In case your family is not yet registered you can download and fill in the parish registration form (7) together with the rest of the needed forms for confirmation. If you are registered in another parish, you will need to bring a letter of no objection from the pastor so as to be part of the program.

For further details, please contact Cathy at or call the Youth Ministry office at 510 373 5216.

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