The wedding you are now beginning to plan is, in the view of the Catholic Church, a significant religious event. This is true not only for you as the Bridal Couple, but also for the entire parish community. Your wedding will engage the assembled community in celebrating your love as it is consecrated and sealed in the Rites of the Church. Before God's altar, the Priest/Deacon and the Church, you will be pledging your love to each other in the bond of life-long fidelity. This is the beginning of your journey together through life in Matrimony.

Your wedding is a religious experience for both you and the Church. It is important from the very early stages of wedding preparation to focus as much attention on the details of the marriage ceremony in the Church as on other important aspects of your wedding day. The entire Parish Wedding Team is available to assist you in preparing for the wedding: Priest, Wedding Coordinator, Music Director & Organist. The wedding team is primarily concerned with helping you to view the wedding as a religious event and as a life-long commitment to one another. It will help you to create a ceremony that will be both joyful and dignified and that will speak clearly to the assembly of the religious nature of the wedding celebration.

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