Worship Ministries - Sacristans


Sacristans are responsible for the preparation of the Mass, insuring that the altar, sacred vessels, and gifts of bread and wine are ready before Mass and when the Mass is over, clean and put away all the vessels and objects used during the celebration.  The Sacristans also prepare the church and altar for Baptisms, Funerals, and other special Liturgies.  Work is done quietly behind the scenes and enables the Eucharistic celebrations to run smoothly. 

Sacristans contact info:

SPN Contact person:


JoAnn Dorn
523-9742   joanndorn@sbcglobal.net

SA Contact person:


Maria Femminis
523-9742   mjfboo@aol.com


Current Sacristans:



JoAnn Dorn, Dermot, Dundon, Sandy Manzo, Sheila Doan, Eva Takeuchi, Norma Murray,



Maria Femminis, Lerma Tengonciang, Becky Pang, Helen Ordinario

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